Nice to see you here 😉

My name is Alex Suvorov. I am an entrepreneur and a software engineer.

Currently I work on

I am interested in

  • Blockchain and decentralized future

  • Health IT

  • Online education

  • DeFi

  • AI

I am happy to meet new people and make our ideas come true.

You can hire me at Toptal


Codenplay is a brand new way to learn computer programming. Using codenplay you can learn to code through playing small games
Alice is a platform that brings transparency to social funding through blockchain technology
Mangajo - social eating. Mobile app to connect people who want to cook with those who want to eat.
Innovative courses for the jobs of the future: Software Development, Marketing, Design
Decentralized finance manager. Dapp built on blockstack using Gaia storage to manage debts and shopping lists
Decentralized task manager built on Blockstack and Gaia Storage
Tappy app makes it easy to load and unload crypto assets into any object equipped with an NFC tag
A prototype for social housing impact investing platform. Protocol implementation is based on proxy re-encryption
SensorTRX is a lightweight protocol for sensor oracles on ethereum with decentralized gas reimbursement
Token curated registry for social impact projects
2 Applications: for drivers to check free parking spots and AR game (Pokemon GO analogue) with AI for parking photo recognition



  • JS

  • Python

  • C#

  • Java

  • Solidity

  • Bash / Powershell

  • SQL

  • PHP

  • Haskell

  • Ocaml

  • Prolog

  • C/C++

  • Swift


  • blockchain

  • kubernetes

  • aws

  • gcp

  • npm / yarn

  • react-native

  • react / vue.js / angularjs / jquery

  • django

  • node.js / express / mongodb

  • git


  • I can solve problems without creating new ones

  • I can understand people

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